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Welcome to the North Branford Soccer Club

If this is your family's first experience with the North Branford Soccer Club (NBSC), let us

welcome you to the program. If you are a veteran soccer parent, then you already know

how rewarding it is for everyone involved.

The NBSC is dedicated to the promotion and development of soccer in the towns of North

Branford and Northford. It is our aim to provide a recreational soccer program where

emphasis is placed on participation, having fun, and beginning to learn about the game of

soccer. And, it is our goal to help each child develop to their maximum potential while

providing for the broadest possible participation allowing for different levels of play for

different levels of ability.

NBSC believes a relaxed environment is most conducive to your child having fun and

developing a long-term interest in the sport. We encourage all parents to allow their

children to play without pressure, to let their child play freely in scrimmages with

instruction only from their coaches, and to cheer for both teams.

The sport of soccer is growing and every season brings new ideas at all levels. Therefore,

our philosophies are also continuing to evolve, and our policies continue to be molded and

reshaped in ways that will better serve the needs of each child and the club as a whole.

We sincerely welcome your suggestions and feedback, as well as your participation in the

workings of the club.

Without volunteers we would not have a club. It takes tremendous effort to accomplish all

that must be done in order to sustain a successful soccer program. We are always looking

for volunteers and earnestly solicit your participation. If you are willing, we have a job for


For all parents, we have attempted to answer some of the recurring questions about our

club and its programs and policies. And, since NBSC brings together parents whose

experiences with soccer range from those who have played themselves, to those with no

real experience with or understanding of the sport of soccer, we have included a section in

this handbook on the rules of the game and standards of conduct for players and fans.

We are pleased that you have decided to participate in what we hope will be a fun and

rewarding soccer experience for you and your child(ren).


North Branford Soccer Club

Board of Directors